DePalma Workwear is looking for a Sales Representative to further strengthen the Sales department within the company.
The main focus of a Sales Representative is to continuously work with sales at DePalma Workwear to maximize and optimize it in a sustainable way.

Sales Representative is mainly active in the Swedish market, but also other markets as further defined by CEO and is the main contact for its given customers in these markets. Sales Representative is responsible to be present out in given markets, acting as the face of the brand and enabling existing customers of DePalma Workwear to grow according to plan, nourishing and replenishing their business, as well as opening up new accounts on an ongoing basis according to set plan.
Sales Representative will have set market specific goals in terms of sales numbers and door count but also from a brand perspective and planned distribution (according to set distribution plan) and to follow up and deliver on set goals.

The Sales Representative that DePalma Workwear is searching for is a person that is extremely driven by sales and closing deals and has prior experience from the workwear/hardware industry.

Sales Representative reports to CEO.

Main work tasks:
" Full focus on sales of DePalma Workwear, both on existing accounts as well as opening up new accounts in a rapid pace
" Expected to spend considerable time in the market and with the accounts - servicing all accounts in the best possible way
" On a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis - ensure sales targets are met and if not develop plans on how they will for the future
" Ensuring given accounts fulfill the requirements set out by DePalma Workwear, including but not limited to sales, marketing and brand presentation.
" Evaluating and analyzing all accounts within territory to take measures for future improvement in order to maximize/optimize the business
" Responsible for compliance to set cost budgets
" Sales Representative is a team player that understands that DePalma Workwear is still in an initial phase of its existence, why involvement in other fields of work within the company is very likely.

This is a unique opportunity for a person with an entrepreneurial mindset as it gives the chance to be an integral part in forming DePalma Workwear Sales - now and for the future! It will also give great possibilities to grow with the role in the quest of expanding DePalma Workwear on a global scale.

Location: DePalma Workwear HQ, Stockholm, Sweden
Employment start: Per agreement
Send application to:
Application Deadline: 2018-03-15